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Special / Overseas Programmes for Students


This school year, all Secondary One, Two and Three students are streamed into sets for English Language, Chinese Language and Mathematics to facilitate learning according to the level and ability of the students. For each level in the junior forms, three sets have their Chinese Language lessons conducted in Putonghua. The other sets continue to use Cantonese.

There are Spanish and Japanese lessons held after school hours catering to those interested in learning other languages. Drama workshops are offered to those interested while the whole school is provided with opportunities to savour quality drama productions. Also, various co-curricular and exchange programmes will be run for students at different form levels. These include the Mini-Summer Term with special focuses for different Junior Secondary forms and the New Student Orientation Programme, as well as Bridging courses for English and Mathematics for those newly entering Diocesan Girls’ School from the Diocesan Girls' Junior School and other schools.

Overseas student exchange programmes are also conducted with schools in Australia, Mainland China, New Zealand, Singapore, and the United States to enhance academic exchange and cultural awareness.

Photo - Fudan      Photo - Tianjin


Partner Schools of DGS outside of Hong Kong

Country School
Australia Citipointe Christian College, Brisbane
  Methodist Ladies' College, Melbourne
  St. Aidan's Anglican Girls' School, Brisbane
  St Mary's Anglican Girls' School, Perth
China The Affiliated High School of Peking University 北京大學附屬中學
  Tsinghua University High School 清華大學附屬中學
  The Second High School attached to Beijing Normal University in Beijing 北京師範大學第二附屬中學
  Tianjin Nankai High School 天津市南開中學
  Hangzhou Foreign Languages School 杭州外國語學校
  High School Affiliated to Fudan University 復旦大學附屬中學
  Shanghai Soong Ching Ling School 上海宋慶齡學校
  Shanghai No.3 Girls' High School 上海市第三女子中學
  Shanghai Jiading No. 2 High School 上海市嘉定二中
  Zhenjiang Chongshi Girls’ High School 鎮江崇實女子中學
  Zhixin High School 廣州市執信中學
  Zhuhai No.1 High School 珠海市第一中學
India J.B. Petit High School for Girls, Mumbai
Japan OISCA College for Global Cooperation, Nagoya
New Zealand Diocesan School for Girls, Auckland
Singapore Cedar Girls' Secondary School
  Convent of Holy Infant Jesus Secondary School
  Hwa Chong Institution
  Raffles Girls' School
  River Valley High School
  Singapore Chinese Girls' School
  Temasek Junior College
South Korea Bugil Academy
United States Miss Porter's School, Connecticut
  St Andrew's Priory School, Hawaii


Please read the students' reports of special / exchange programmes by following the links below.