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Information on Fee Remission


Fee Remission and Daily Living Subsidy

In addition to the fee remission scheme adopted for all students with financial needs, the School also offers these girls a Daily Living Subsidy capped at $6,000 a year for enrichment opportunities as well as for lunch and uniform provision. The subsidy, awarded proportionally according to the level of fee remission offered to each successful applicant, can be employed for the recipients' participation in ECA or OLE activities, and / or uniform purchase and school lunch ordering, and is deducted upon actual expenditures within one school year.


Fee Remission

Parents are welcome to study the details below regarding fee remission. Students with financial needs, including those from families receiving the CSSA and students receiving assistance provided by the Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency (WFSFAA), could apply for school fee remission. Those who qualify for the scheme and are willing to comply with the conditions can write a request letter to the Headmistress and submit it through the School Secretary.

A full set of the fee remission documents will then be given to the applicants. The application form and all other relevant documents required should reach the Secretary as soon as possible for immediate action. 


Details about the scheme:

The eligibility for receiving financial assistance from the Scheme is dependent upon the level of ‘Annual Family Income’, the total number of ‘Family Members’ and the net assets under the applicant and his/her spouse’s names.  This is set out in Table 1.  (See below). 

In a single-parent family, the total number of ‘Family Members’ is, for the purpose of calculation, increased by one additional member.

The School will also consider, on a case-by-case basis, applications from families with special / urgent financial needs and families with more than five ‘Family Members’ (according to the definition specified in the School Guidelines).


Table 1: Criteria for Eligibility of Fee Remission Scheme

Level of
Fee Remission
'Annual Family Income' (HK dollars)
Total no. of 'Family Members': 3 Total no. of 'Family Members': 4 Total no. of 'Family Members': 5
100% fee remission $0 to $200,500 $0 to $231,000 $0 to $251,500
75% fee remission $200,501 to $257,000 $231,001 to $321,500 $251,501 to $385,000
50% fee remission $257,001 to $318,500 $321,501 to $398,500 $385,001 to $477,500
25% fee remission $318,501 to $380,000 $398,501  to $475,500 $477,501 to $570,000
No fee remission Above $380,000 Above $475,500 Above $570,000


Where the applicant and his/her spouse have assets (excluding the value of the family's principal residence but including other properties estimated at the current market price, net of related outstanding mortgages) in excess of HK$500,000, the amount of family income is deemed to be increased by an amount equivalent to 10% of the value of assets in excess of HK$500,000. The value of assets is defined as the sum of net positive value of each individual asset (gross asset value net of its related pledged liabilities).


Please click the following link to download a sample.

Should you have any enquiries, please call 2277 9100.