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Information on Scholarships


One of the School's traditions is the provision of scholarships and exhibitions to students of ability and promise so that the intellectual quality and social diversity of the School are sustained. Scholarships and exhibitions are awarded annually to girls who have outstanding academic ability, who show strong leadership qualities, who demonstrate strength in services to the School and other communities and who contribute substantially to the sporting, music, cultural and social life of the School, whilst maintaining good conduct and behaviour. There are also PTA scholarships and DOGA Ltd (Diocesan Old Girls' Association Limited) scholarships, among many others, sponsored by the DOGA, PTA and other patrons of the School.

The School also offers an unlimited number of bursaries to enable promising students to fully benefit from the education DGS offers, but are otherwise unable to do so as a result of family financial circumstances. Retention of a bursary requires sustained academic effort and performance as well as good attitude and conduct on the part of the student.


Non-DSS-Funded Scholarships

A special scholarship for a Secondary Six student to support her university education:

  • Dr. C.J. Symons Scholarship

Scholarships awarded annually to students for their outstanding achievements in all areas include the following:

  • Bishop Ho Ming Hua (Ronald O. Hall) Memorial Scholarship
  • Cecilia Chan Scholarship
  • Class of 1958 Scholarship
  • Class of 1964 Scholarship
  • Class of 1967 Service Award
  • Class of 1978 Scholarship
  • Creative Media & Communications Scholarships
  • DOGA Scholarships
  • Gibbins Scholarship
  • Grace Tsin-Kiu Young Memorial Scholarship
  • Modern Languages Scholarships
  • Pong Chan Kwai Ying Scholarship
  • Pong King Cheung Scholarship
  • PTA Scholarships
  • Symons Scholarship
  • Welfare League Scholarships


DSS-Funded Scholarships

  • DGS S1 Entrance Scholarship
    Successful S1 applicants who have accepted the offer of a place at DGS are invited to sit an academic scholarship examination. In addition, they are welcome to apply for music / sports scholarships. Different levels of scholarships are awarded to recipients who perform outstandingly in the scholarship examinations / tests conducted.
    Recipients are also eligible for other scholarships awarded by DGS.


  • DGS Women of Excellence Scholarship
    The Student of the Year of each form will also be awarded the DGS Women of Excellence Scholarship. Recipients of the award are selected after considering their academic performance as well as their achievements and participation in the following areas of school life: music, sports, community service and other talents.

  • DGS Scholarship
    S1 – S6: Scholarships are awarded to academically outstanding students of each form.
  • DGS Improvement Award
    S1 – S5: Scholarships awarded to the students who have made significant improvement in their academic studies in each form.

  • DGS Award for Academic Excellence
    DGS Award for Academic Excellence aims to award and support DGJS P6 academically outstanding students for 6 years of their education in DGS.

  • DGS Exhibitions for Music, Sports and Other Talents
    Students who have made outstanding achievements in their specific areas of strength during the school year can apply for or be nominated for exhibitions. Such are awarded to give recognition to girls who have displayed a positive attitude and actively contributed to school life during the year.

  • Daily Giving Service Award
    The Daily Giving Service Award is established to give recognition to students with outstanding service participation inside and outside DGS.

  • DGS Putonghua Shuiping Ceshi Scholarship 
    Students who have achieved outstanding results in the Test of Proficiency in Putonghua conducted by the State Language Commission "國家語言文字工作委員會普通話水平測試" are eligible to be awarded this Scholarship. They can apply for the Scholarship once during their years of studying in DGS.

Note: Within the same year, any student who excels in areas across categories is entitled to DSS-funded scholarships / exhibitions totaling up to 150% of the annual school fees charged, whereas for those who excel in areas within one category, the maximum is 100%.


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