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Team Wins Accolades at Appjamming Summit (26 March 2019)

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Well-deserved congratulations go to four girls whose skills and prowess in IT enabled them to develop their app Language Pop, which captured the Grand Prize at the international Appjamming Summit held on March 17 at D2 Place, Lai Chi Kok. Full details of their exploits can be found in the hyperlink below, courtesy of SCMP's Young Post.

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Photos courtesy of First Code Academy

Greater Bay Area Project Presentation Day (1 March 2019)  

The school community gathered together on 1st March to see the culmination of the whole-school Greater Bay Area Research Project, organized to celebrate the 40th anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening Up and to deepen students’ understanding of the Greater Bay Area Initiative.

On the Greater Bay Area Project Presentation Day, students presented their findings over the past seven months in various groups. S1-S2 students showcased their hard work in the form of posters and videos in the Assembly Hall packed with colourful booths, while S3-S5 students reported their research findings through presentations to their peers.

Photo : Greater Bay Area Project Presentation Day (1) Photo : Greater Bay Area Project Presentation Day (2)

In the evening session, we were honoured to have Professor Li Lu and Mr. Chen Hao from the HKSAR Liaison Office of the Central People's Government, as well as Dr. Hui Wai Tin from The Education University of Hong Kong attend our GBA project presentations in the Auditorium. Students and teachers from our sister schools, Guangzhou Zhixin High School, Zhuhai Number One High School and Macau Kao Yip Middle School collaborated with our students to present on topics ranging from education and conservation of water resources to urbanization. To close the night, Professor Li addressed the community, congratulating our students on their in-depth perspectives and praising their pioneering spirit in this Greater Bay Area venture. He encouraged all to look forward to the continual development of the region.

Photo : Greater Bay Area Project Presentation Day (3) Photo : Greater Bay Area Project Presentation Day (4)

DGS Welcomes Valentina Vezzali, Olympic Gold Medalist in Fencing (13 February 2019)   

Our School was honoured to have Valentina Vezzali, Italian foil fencer and winner of six gold medals at three consecutive Olympic Games, visit our school for a sharing and training session on the afternoon of 13 February. Ms. Vezzali shared her personal experiences in various international competitions, including her insights on the attitudes and strategies for effective training as an athlete.

After a brief Q&A session, our fencers donned their gear as they were treated to the rare opportunity of fencing with Ms. Venzzali, the three-time Olympic Fencing Champion, and learning from her as she imparted valuable advice and specific exercises to improve the way they fenced. We thank Ms. Venzzali for this very memorable sharing with our girls.

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