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Mini Bazaar (20 December 2023)

The annual Mini Bazaar, which will be held on Wednesday, 20th December, embraces the generosity and warmth of the holiday season as the DGS community reunites for this joyous tradition.

This year, the number of sales stalls has resumed to its full size, with a grand total of 39 sales stalls from students, alumni and partner organisations. In addition, 15 more specialised products from the newly established Virtual Store can be purchased.

Click here for the details of the Mini Bazaar this year.


Introduction of the DGS Metaverse, our virtual Mini Bazaar (26 November 2023)

This year, alongside our annual Mini Bazaar, we are delighted to launch the DGS Metaverse in the form of a virtual Mini Bazaar. This platform will offer users a virtual experience of attending the Mini Bazaar at the virtual DGS campus, where they can browse and purchase products exclusively designed by our talented students. We believe that this innovative initiative will provide all participants with valuable insights into the world of e-commerce and the digital economy.