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School Vision and Mission


The School 

Diocesan Girls' School, a local grammar school with an international outlook, was founded in 1860 by the Anglican (Episcopalian) Church to provide an excellent all-round secondary education for girls in Hong Kong. The School is governed by the Council of the Diocesan Girls' School, a group comprised of capable administrators who ensure that the School is well-managed and that it adheres to the School Mission. Having run as a grant-aided school since it was founded; the School commenced operation in the Direct Subsidy Scheme mode in September 2005.

Our Vision 
Photo - DGS (old campus)

It is our vision to be a leading school in China and the Asia-Pacific region, producing female graduates of noble mind, who blend naturally Christian values, Chinese traditions and culture, and democratic ideals, to contribute proactively in the international and local communities as well as their homes and families. 


Our Mission 

Building on a legacy of distinction, it is our mission to serve as a model for effective teaching and learning in a dynamic educational environment where students achieve their maximum potential and gain a love of lifelong learning; and teachers excel in pedagogy, stimulating young minds and encouraging them to extend excellence beyond the classroom.

We aim to provide each and every student with an ideal learning environment to grow and excel from the time she begins her education journey with us. We pledge to do the utmost possible to offer our students a vibrant and enjoyable education opportunity that equips them for lifelong challenges.

We focus on:

  • Promoting a holistic development strategy based on Christian principles and sound moral values;
  • Building a community of young women who are conscious of their identity as Chinese nationals as well as global citizens, being fully aware of their current and future roles in the society and family;
  • Offering a liberal arts, science and technology curriculum spanning all nine key learning areas (including Liberal Studies as a special key learning area) to enable students to master competent language skills, to cultivate a spirit of intellectual exploration and to develop analytical, creative and critical thinking skills;
  • Providing a wide range of OLE (Other Learning Experiences) to acquire a healthy lifestyle as well as life, social and communication skills;
  • Recruiting and retaining a team of teaching professionals who are well-qualified, committed and caring; and
  • Providing quality facilities to fulfill the current and future needs of students.


 Photo - DGS (new campus)