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Major School Events


2017 - 2018

Date Time Event
20 & 25 September 2017 Afternoon Inter-house Swimming Heats and Finals
22 September 2017 Evening PTA AGM
23 September 2017 Morning S1 Introductory Talk
23-27 October 2017 Morning Gospel Week & Harvest Festival
8 & 17 November 2017 Whole day Inter-house Athletics Heats and Finals
24 November 2017 Evening Speech Day 2017
19 December 2017 Whole day Mini Bazaar
20 December 2017 Morning End of Term Service (Christmas)
27 January 2018 Whole day Parents' Day
13 February 2018 Morning Chinese Literary Club (CLC) performance
28 March 2018 Morning End of Term Service (Easter)
21 April 2018 Afternoon Careers Fair
21 April 2018 Evening Spring Concert
27 April 2018 Evening Drama Night
19 May 2018 Evening DGS Concerto Competition Winners' Concert
29 June 2018 Morning STEM Activities for DGJS P.4 Students
10 July 2018 Morning End of Term Service


29 June 2018 -- STEM Activities for DGJS P.4 Students


In order to allow our fellow P.4 students to learn more about the STEM education, the Computer Club, DGS Programming Team, Mathematics Team and Electronics and Robotics Team had co-organised the STEM Activity Day for our junior sisters. Each team had prepared fun and engaging activities so as to showcase the wide-ranging capabilities of different aspects of STEM:

The Computer Club introduced the concept of augmented reality and virtual reality using mobile phones. Through seeing virtual images and experiencing some VR games like riding on a roller coaster, P.4 students were given the chance to learn about the latest development of technology and how it is closely-related to our daily life.

Photo : STEM Activities for DGJS P.4 Students (1)  Photo : STEM Activities for DGJS P.4 Students (2) 

The DGS Programming Team provided an opportunity for students to play with mBots using iPads to complete different tasks, which included programming a dance routine for their mBots and controlling their mBots to poke the balloons tied on others’ mBots. This allowed students to have a taste of programming as well as seeing its fun side.

As for the Mathematics Team, some basic cryptography techniques were introduced to students, including Caesar cipher and pocket enigmas, which certainly changed their perception towards Mathematics, as not only being about numbers, but also, as Einstein once said, as a mystical 'poetry of logical ideas'.

Photo : STEM Activities for DGJS P.4 Students (3)  Photo : STEM Activities for DGJS P.4 Students (4)

Members of the Electronics and Robotics Team briefed students about their involvement in FIRST robotics competitions and demonstrated tasks from the said competitions in order to pique their interest in robotics and expand their horizons. The two competition teams also briefly shared their experiences in preparing for the competition walking the P.4 girls through the work they put into creating a functional robot.

All in all, P.4 students had a chance to exercise their creative and logical thinking through playing the various fun and exciting activities provided by all four teams. We look forward to organising more activities so as to promote STEM education in future.

Photo : STEM Activities for DGJS P.4 Students (5)


Reported by: Ramona Chin