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Student Life Building & Pastoral Care

The Moral, Civic, Health, Sex and Environmental Education of students is a vital component of the School’s holistic approach to education, and it is integrated into the curriculum through various subjects and activities organized during Form Periods as well as in various Extra Curricular Activities, where clubs and groups such as the Conservancy Club, Youth Fellowship and the Health Education Group help to impart additional knowledge as well as instill in students the correct attitudes and values.

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To foster a spirit of fellowship and to allow time for reflection and contemplation for each day, the School holds daily morning assemblies throughout the year. Together with Counselling and Careers Guidance, the DGS education aims to promote moral, social, emotional and physical development of students, to develop in them responsible attitudes, values and life skills that prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adulthood.

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Special attention is given to each and every student in order to listen to their concerns and to address their needs. Whilst the School has a strong Christian tradition, students of all religious denominations and beliefs are welcome as the School values the contribution their experiences and insights bring.