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22-24 October 2019 -- Gospel Week


The Gospel Week was held from 22-24 October 2019, on the theme "A Life Worth Living". Upon observation that students’ pursuit of academic results or extracurricular achievements may lead to a sense of despondency among some, the Youth Fellowship shared with the school community the eternal value of life in Christ. Through skits, a mime, a video, and worship sessions across three assemblies, the Youth Fellowship shared an alternative path to merely striving for our best out of our own strength: that is, to fix our eyes upon the eternity of God’s Kingdom, and the true joy and peace that comes in accepting His plan for our lives.

The Harvest Festival, an annual whole-school thanksgiving celebration, was held on the third day of the Gospel Week. Students and teachers alike shared in the joy of giving and sharing, through generous donations of food and money to the needy.

An evangelistic meeting was also held in the afternoon of the last day. The Youth Fellowship’s worship team led the school in worship through various Christian songs. We were deeply grateful to have Dr. Winnie Fung, former DGS head girl and top scholar, as our speaker. Dr. Fung reminded us that our achievements do not determine our worth. She also shared about the counter-intuitive nature of God’s love - how Jesus chose to give up his identity as God to become a man and a servant, and to ultimately die on the Cross for our sake. Many members of our community were touched by this message, and we hope to continue to share our faith, hope and love in the days to come.

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9 & 21 October 2019 -- Inter-house Athletics Heats and Finals


The Wanchai Sports Ground buzzed with excitement as the whole school gathered on the 9th and 21st October for the annual Inter-house Athletics Meet. Whether on the track or the field, girls displayed their strength and agility as they thrust javelins and shotputs, leaped over hurdles and crossbars, and sprinted through finish lines.

Each house demonstrated their energetic enthusiasm in the Cheering Competition, with Sawyer House defending their title as Champion with their brilliantly choreographed track dance and passionate cheering. We were then treated to a surprise cheering performance by teachers, bringing much fun and joy to end the morning’s events.

The much-anticipated Invitation Relay rounded off a very exhilarating Finals Day, with students loudly cheering the teachers’ teams, and teachers dashing to the finish line in a very close race. The whole school reconvened in the 400-metre Fun Walk around the track, before the prize presentation ceremony at the end of the afternoon. We were grateful to have Mr. Tan Hon Sing and Mr. Lo Nai Shing, our track referee and field referee respectively, as well as Guests of Honour Ms. Wendy Hung and Ms. Denise Lee, old girls and former Athletics Team Captains, present medals and trophies. In the end, Gibbins House took first place overall, with a clear lead after beating the other houses in the A and B grades.

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