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5 June 2020 -- DGS 160th Anniversary Celebration and Thanksgiving Service


 Photo : 160th Anniversary Celebration 

To launch the 160th anniversary celebrations of Diocesan Girls' School, a Thanksgiving Service was held this morning in the Assembly Hall, presided by Archbishop Dr. Paul Kwong, and attended by members of the School Council, past and present Headmistresses, members of the Diocesan Old Girls’ Association and Parent Teacher Association, longtime friends of the school, as well as teachers and students from both the senior and primary school.

The community gathered together for a warm service to give thanks to our heavenly Father for His faithfulness and grace upon our school since its founding in 1860, and to seek His guidance and blessings upon the continued work of education here at DGS. The Thanksgiving Service was followed by the dedication of the School Chapel and the blessing of the newly completed Boarding House.

Photo : 160th Anniversary Celebration (2) Photo : 160th Anniversary Celebration (3)
Photo : 160th Anniversary Celebration (4) Photo : 160th Anniversary Celebration (5)

We thank God for the smooth proceedings, and for His joy and peace that filled our School this morning. May He continue to use DGS for His Kingdom work here at 1 Jordan Road and beyond, and we give Him all the praise and glory.

The link of the event is available here for your viewing pleasure.

22-24 October 2019 -- Gospel Week


The Gospel Week was held from 22-24 October 2019, on the theme "A Life Worth Living". Upon observation that students’ pursuit of academic results or extracurricular achievements may lead to a sense of despondency among some, the Youth Fellowship shared with the school community the eternal value of life in Christ. Through skits, a mime, a video, and worship sessions across three assemblies, the Youth Fellowship shared an alternative path to merely striving for our best out of our own strength: that is, to fix our eyes upon the eternity of God’s Kingdom, and the true joy and peace that comes in accepting His plan for our lives.

The Harvest Festival, an annual whole-school thanksgiving celebration, was held on the third day of the Gospel Week. Students and teachers alike shared in the joy of giving and sharing, through generous donations of food and money to the needy.

An evangelistic meeting was also held in the afternoon of the last day. The Youth Fellowship’s worship team led the school in worship through various Christian songs. We were deeply grateful to have Dr. Winnie Fung, former DGS head girl and top scholar, as our speaker. Dr. Fung reminded us that our achievements do not determine our worth. She also shared about the counter-intuitive nature of God’s love - how Jesus chose to give up his identity as God to become a man and a servant, and to ultimately die on the Cross for our sake. Many members of our community were touched by this message, and we hope to continue to share our faith, hope and love in the days to come.

  Photo : Gospel Week (Harvest Festival)  Photo : Gospel Week (1)  Photo : Gospel Week (2)  Photo : Gospel Week (3)  Photo : Gospel Week (4)