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19-22 October 2021 -- Gospel Week & 10 November 2021 -- Harvest Festival


The Gospel Week was held from 19-22 October 2021, on the theme “It’s OK to be not OK: God is in control”. Through an original animation story of a two-legged fox, a skit dealing with questions of our purpose as students, as well as a worship session on songs of finding lasting joy in the Lord, the Youth Fellowship explored in three morning assemblies how God not only understands us in our anxieties and struggles, but also comes near to comfort, encourage, and point us to His good plan for us in Christ.

The Gospel Week culminated in the evangelistic meeting, held on Friday afternoon. Our recent graduate brought with her a team from Yan Fook Church, and also generously shared a moving testimony. Her sharing, as well as the songs and message from the team, resonated with many and reminded us of God’s unchanging faithfulness and loving pursuit of an intimate relationship with His children. 

Having reflected on God’s blessings in our lives throughout Gospel Week, the school came together a few weeks later to share in the joy of giving through the Harvest Festival on 10 November. In this much-loved event that was temporarily suspended in the last school year, students and staff alike joined together in donating food and money to the needy. During assembly, the Youth Fellowship sang a worship song on how God’s love can make an impact on our community, and displayed the food items on the Auditorium stage in celebration of the joy of sharing the provisions received from God.