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20 December 2016 -- Mini Bazaar


After months of anticipation and meticulous planning, the annual Mini Bazaar was held on 20th December, 2016. The School once again welcomed all members of the DGS family to this much-loved homecoming event, with Mrs. Josephine Chang, the Honorary Treasurer of the School Council, addressing us at the opening ceremony.

Young and old alike enjoyed a spectacular array of products on sale, designed by our upper-form students, as younger girls came together in their classes to set up creative and fun game stalls. As in previous years, the School enjoyed the presence of charities such as the Fu Hong Society, Helping Hand, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and Lutheran Social Service, which also set up booths to sell products and snacks for those attending.

We thank God for His blessings for the weather, the success of the Bazaar, and the opportunity to give to those in need through His abundant grace.  

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25 November 2016 -- Speech Day


It was a joyous occasion as the School held its Speech Day for the Class of 2016 on Friday, 25th November. We welcomed back our newest cohort of graduates, and celebrated the achievements of our girls in both academic and non-academic arenas, while praising God for the grace and honour He has bestowed upon our School over the past year.  

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The Speech Day commenced at 5:30 p.m. in the Auditorium, with an opening prayer by Reverend McCoy. This was followed by a report of the school's achievements over the past year by the Headmistress, Mrs Lau. (Please click HERE to download the Headmistress' report.) She then shared her personal insights on the role of parents within the current educational environment of Hong Kong, encouraging parents to nurture their relationships with their children, and to allow their children the freedom to take risks, overcome obstacles, and define their own paths of success. 

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We were graced with the presence of Professor Gabriel Leung, Dean of the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong, as our Guest of Honour. Professor Leung expressed his passion for tending to the needs of the underprivileged in society, drawing connections between social justice and the impacts on societies all across the globe. He stressed the importance of education for all, and urged graduates and current students alike to utilize their unique talents and positions to bring about positive change in Hong Kong society. 

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After the presentation of prizes and awards, the Head Girls and Assistant Head Girl represented the student body to give Votes of Thanks in English, Cantonese and Pu Tong Hua, expressing their gratitude towards the School, parents, teachers, and classmates for their time of learning and growth at DGS. The whole auditorium reverberated to the sound of the School Hymn, and the evening's ceremony drew to a close with a prayer and benediction by the Right Reverend Andrew. 

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