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April 2019 -- Exchange with Zhuhai No.1 High School


Photo - Exchange with Zhuhai No.1 High School (1)

In April, 11 S4 DGS girls travelled via the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge to Zhuhai. We were amazed at how fast and convenient travelling through the HKZMB was -- we reached Zhuhai in no time. We found Hong Kong Port, in particular, to be a beautiful landmark, with wave-shaped ceilings and large windows looking out into the boundless sea.

Through lessons with our buddies, we were realized how different yet similar our learning environments were. Although their class size was a lot larger, students also engage enthusiastically during lessons by calling out the answer to questions. Students in Zhuhai were given a packed schedule, with school starting at 7 am in the morning and lasting until 10 pm at night. However, the school also ensures that students get enough rest and exercise by allowing naps in their dormitory in the afternoon and by having at least 2 physical education lessons a week. We had the opportunity to attend a Wushu class with our buddies in PE lessons. We found the experience both fascinating and eye-opening. To our surprise, the majority of the lesson time was spent on doing basic stretches and Tai Chi exercises, before we were able to learn attack and defense moves. We learnt that, contrary to our belief, the art of Wushu is much more than fancy kicks and flips to wow the audience, it is also a way to cultivate the mind, body and spirit.

Photo - Exchange with Zhuhai No.1 High School (2) Photo - Exchange with Zhuhai No.1 High School (3)
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What was also memorable was the different forms of exchange during the trip, including verbal and non-verbal ones. Besides discussing with our buddies about their school life, we were also able to communicate through music. During our music lesson, students from both schools each performed a short piece for each other which immediately sparked a lively discussion among fellow musicians. Some of our classmates were even given the chance to collaborate with students at Zhuhai No.1 High School for a speech contest.

By the time we had to say goodbye to our Zhuhai classmates, we felt as if the exchange had passed by a blink of an eye because each day was more rewarding and eye-opening than the last. Thanks must be given to Mr K.C. Lo and Mrs C. Chan for accompanying and taking care of us during the week. Thanks must also be given to the teachers and students of Zhuhai No.1 High School for welcoming us with open arms and treating us with such gracious hospitality. Last but not least, we must extend our heartfelt gratitude to our headmistress Mrs Lau for offering us such a precious and meaningful learning opportunity. This exchange has definitely widened our perspective and I’m sure the friendships created in Zhuhai will last a lifetime.


Reported by: Lam Hoi Yan




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