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April 2018 -- Exchange with Zhuhai No.1 High School


In April, 19 girls from Diocesan Girls' School took part in the China Cultural Exchange Program to Zhuhai, China for 5 days. Our girls had the opportunity to experience the school life as a member of Zhuhai No.1 High School, as well as to visit various spots around the city, leaving us with wonderful memories and unforgettable experiences.

During the stay, we sat in on lessons and participated in various extra curriculum and cultural activities. We managed to get a glimpse of the daily life of a typical Zhuhai student. From in-depth discussions during Chinese lessons to Political lessons which we never had in Hong Kong, our girls fully enjoyed the lessons, and managed to gain new knowledge. Having lessons in Zhuhai No.1 High School was definitely an eye-opening experience for us, exposing us to a different learning environment, and allowing us to have an insight into the Chinese education system.

The students of Zhuhai No.1 High School are hospitable and affectionate, and are very willing to lend a helping hand in order to help us get used to the different learning environment and blend in with the rest of the class, which made our journey an extraordinarily wonderful one. Although we only stayed with them for around 5 days, strong bondings were built, and we will definitely retain the good friendships.

Photo - Exchange with Zhuhai No.1 High School (1) Photo - Exchange with Zhuhai No.1 High School (2)
Photo - Exchange with Zhuhai No.1 High School (3) Photo - Exchange with Zhuhai No.1 High School (4)

During our stay in Zhuhai, we spent most of our time at Zhuhai No.1 High School, trying to experience the life of Zhuhai students, which is quite different from the life of a typical Hong Kong student. Though we spotted various differences between the two schools, there were still quite a number of noticeable similarities. Zhuhai No.1 High School's vision and mission is to 'build beautiful individuals through beautiful education', which is in a way similar to our school's vision, which aims at helping us to realise and explore our potential, and to maximise our potential in becoming 'women of excellence' in the future through education. Despite having different teaching styles, both schools provided a lot of resources to educate their students, providing students with the best learning environment, and educating them to become future influential individuals in our society.

At this juncture, we would like to thank both schools for organising this exchange programme. It has been an amazing opportunity for the 19 of us. We would also like to express our gratitude towards the students and teachers at Zhuhai No.1 High School, who warmly received us into their school and helped us throughout the trip. Thanks must also be given to Mrs. Lam and Mr. Lau for organising the exchange programme, accompanying us to Zhuhai and taking care of us throughout the trip. Last but not least, we would like to thank Mrs. Lau for always supporting us generously, and providing us with all kinds of opportunities, such as this exchange programme. This is the first year which the two schools began this meaningful exchange programme. We hope that both schools can continue this exchange programme for the benefit of all students.

Reported by: Celine Chan (4Z)

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