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April 2018 -- Exchange with Zhixin High School, Guangzhou


From 9th April to 14th April 2018, sixteen secondary four girls from Diocesan Girls' School had the invaluable opportunity to participate in an exchange programme to Zhixin High School in Guangzhou, China. Three months ago, students of Zhixin High School came to Hong Kong to experience the school life of Hong Kong students and we formed a buddy system to help make their immersion more personal.  Three months later, we in return immersed ourselves as a Guangzhou student, visited various tourist attractions, and together, created more unforgettable memories.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted with the warm welcome the principal and teachers of Zhixin High School. Their warm hospitality made us feel welcomed and it relieved our nervous anticipation. We toured around their massive school campus guided by the teachers-in-charge. We were fascinated by the antique buildings, as well as the comprehensive facilities available to students to develop their special talents. We also had the opportunity to watch the annual talent competition of the students in Zhixin High School. Needless to say, all of us enjoyed their performances and we appreciated the amount of time and effort they put in. At night, we had an evening boat ride along Zhujiang with our buddies and we enjoyed the stunning view of Guangzhou’s night sky with the chilling sea breeze. During the boat trip, we had more in-depth discussions with our buddies and we took a lot of pictures together. Through our conversations, we found it interesting to compare the similarities, as well as the differences of the educational system and cultures between Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

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During the stay in Guangzhou Zhixin High School, teachers thoughtfully arranged a variety of special courses on Chinese cultures, including Chinese music, Chinese calligraphy, traditional paper cutting, as well as a pottery-making class. Through taking part in the cultural activities, we had the opportunity to taste the authentic Chinese culture of Guangzhou. We also immersed ourselves into the school life of our buddies, and had a glimpse on the daily life of a typical student in China. Through experiencing a new way of learning, we broadened our horizons and found it enlightening.

On the last three days, we visited tourist attractions and museums. First, we set off for the electric car exhibition centre of the China Southern Power Grid Company Limited, and we were appreciated the high level of technology demonstrated in their electric cars. Afterwards, we went to Beijing Road and learnt about its history during the Sung Dynasty. In the afternoon, we visited the Museum of the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King, granting us the chance to truly immerse ourselves in ancient Chinese cultures, observing artifacts such as traditional eating utensils, Chinese instruments, and traditional costumes. On the following day, we went to the Nanhai Zhixin Middle School, where we toured around the enormous campus and enjoyed a performance by their Guzheng Ensemble. Then, we visited the Nanhai Museum, where we learnt about the history of Nanhai and famous historical legends, further giving us the chance to enhance our knowledge in Chinese History. Later on, we went to Mount Xiqiao, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery there. We are completely in awe of our country’s rich history, and glad to have seen such the sights with our own eyes.

The 6-day exchange programme quickly flew, and we had to board the bus back to Hong Kong. Each and every one of us are grateful and blessed that we have been given the chance to participant in this well-organized exchange programme. On behalf of the sixteen girls from DGS, I would like to express my most sincerest gratitude to Mrs Lau for her unfailing support towards this enriching programme. A heartfelt thank you goes to Mrs SY To and Miss C Wong for accompanying and mentoring us throughout the trip. Last but not least, we extend our deep appreciation to our buddies in Zhixin High School for taking care of us. Without a doubt, we all benefited from this programme, cultivated friendships, and savoured fruitful memories.

Reported by: Chloe Chan (4U)



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