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30 June 2021 -- CUHK AI Lab Visit

As members of the Computer Club committee, we are honoured to be able to introduce our members to all sorts of interesting and up-to-date technologies through meetings and site visits.

On 30th June, members of the Computer Club paid a visit to the AI Education and Exploration Lab at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The AI Lab is a venue that highlights various AI technology as well as allowing members to experience AI technology first-hand.  The visit consisted of three sessions: Lab Demo Exploration, Lecture on “More About AI”, and the Student AI workshop.

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Computer Club members were first introduced to the CUHK-JC iCar, where they guided robotic cars to travel in different directions using AI technologies like face recognition and line sensors .They were then given the chance to walk around the lab and explore different AI exhibitions individually such as Oil Paint Robots, Smart Air Hockey, Face Recognition Open Door System, Facial Recognition Painting and more. Through exploring different exhibits around the lab and listening to the detailed explanation of the AI technology given by well-informed student helpers, the girls acquired new knowledge and also enjoyed themselves.

Members were then given a lecture about artificial intelligence, where they learnt about different types of artificial intelligence, like supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning. They also learnt about the applications of artificial intelligence in daily life. The lecture was paired with Kahoot questions after each section, in which the girls participated enthusiastically.

Girls were then given an opportunity to have some hands-on experience in programming. The members learnt to write a chatbot using Python. With the guidance of the instructor, all students succeeded in programming a chatbot that could answer basic questions about the casts of movies, or about the weather across different countries. The workshop helped students gain a better understanding of coding with Python and artificial intelligence in chat bots.

All in all, the workshop was a fruitful experience for all of our members. It was well-organized and eye-opening, and the content included proved both enjoyable and informative. We look forward to participating in more workshops and learning more about technology.

Valerie Chan

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