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Cheongsam-Making through the “ICH+ Innovative Heritage Education Programme” (August 2022)

Twenty-three girls from S1 to S4 participated in “The Jocky Club ICH+ Innovative Heritage Education Programme” (賽馬會「傳‧創」非遺教育計劃 ) in the summer of 2022. The programme, jointly launched by Lingnan University and Hong Kong Art School, aims to preserve, promote, redefine and revitalize the intangible cultural heritage (ICH) of Hong Kong. Cheongsam-making workshops provided a precious opportunity for our students to learn the traditional techniques directly from cheongsam artisans. After they hand-sewed a mini cheongsam, they received guidance from an experienced fashion designer to modify it with some personalized add-ons. Finally, several cheongsams and their drawings were showcased in the Hong Kong Arts Centre.