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Campus Redevelopment (2013)


On the afternoon of 17th January, the school community welcomed donors and guests who had supported it throughout the Redevelopment Project, marking a huge milestone in the School’s 153-year history. The Archbishop Dr. Paul Kwong, Mr. Kenneth Ting, Chairman of the Fundraising Campaign Committee, and Mr. Hardy Lok, Chairman of the Building Sub-committee, came as the officiating guests at the Opening Ceremony and Speech Day and celebrated the occasion of joy and accomplishment together. 

The afternoon’s events commenced at 2:30 pm with the official Campus Redevelopment Opening Ceremony at the DGS Plaza. After the ceremony, patrons were invited to tour various classrooms and special rooms within the school campus, where keys were presented, providing photo-taking opportunities. This was followed by the 150th Anniversary Celebration Wall Opening Ceremony at 4 pm, which involved the unveiling of the wall adorned with 150 gold-leaf motifs representing 150 years of schooling excellence, followed by the DGS Alumnae Wall Opening Ceremony at 4:15 pm. In the evening, the school celebrated Speech Day 2011-2012 in the auditorium to acknowledge the achievements of students of Diocesan Girls’ School and Diocesan Girls’ Junior School over the past year. The school community thanked all its donors and guests and showed them how school life had been significantly greatly enriched by their help and contribution. The School also gave thanks to God for such a blessed day.