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Building Extension SIP (2007)


At the Opening Ceremony cum Speech Day on 12th January, the School was delighted to welcome the Honourable Professor Arthur Li and Mrs. Li, Board Members of the Diocesan Girls’ School Education Foundation Ltd, members of the Fundraising Campaign Committee, members of the Building Sub-committee, the school heads of Shanghai Jiading No.2 High School and Shanghai No. 3 Girls’ High School, parents and friends. The school community was most grateful to all who had helped in the completion of the new building. 

After the Opening Ceremony, all the guests took a tour of the building, where the student gymnasts, actresses and musicians performed acts, short plays and musical pieces for everyone’s enjoyment. Next, the honourable guests attended Speech Day in the School Hall to share the joy of the graduates and to congratulate prize winners on their achievements. The School thanks everyone for supporting it and sharing these moments of success with its students.

Form One and Two parents and girls who could not attend Speech Day due to the limited capacity of the School Hall were invited to the Open Day on 13th January. They were excited to say that they were all pleased with the development of their daughters. The School wished all girls a full all-round development at DGS.