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Academic Curriculum


The academic curricula are organized according to the guidelines provided by the guidelines provided by the Curriculum and Development Institute of the HKSAR, with some degree of flexibility for school-based curricula based on the learning needs of students. All Departments contribute towards a broad curriculum, which gradually specializes as students move from Junior Secondary levels (Secondary One to Secondary Three) towards the Senior Secondary levels (Secondary Four to Secondary Six).

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Secondary 1-3 (Grades 7-9): All students follow a broad-based curriculum. S1 to S3 students are streamed into different sets (A to G) divided into two blocks for English, Chinese and Maths. All students study English, Chinese and Putonghua. Japanese and Spanish are offered as cultural interest programmes for those who are interested.

Secondary 4-6 (Grades 10-12): The School adopts a 3-year preparation syllabus for the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examinations (HKDSE) first implemented in 2012. HKDSE students study English, Chinese, Mathematics and Citizenship & Social Development, together with 3 elective subjects while those interested in a fourth elective subject can choose to take music or another language. Alternatively, students can opt for the GCE Advanced Level Curriculum in Secondary 5 and 6, studying 3 to 4 advanced level subjects, together with English and Chinese to consolidate their language competence.


English is the medium of instruction (MOI) at all form levels except for Chinese Language, Chinese History, Chinese Literature and Putonghua. In addition, the Departments are supported by a well-stocked and up-to-date School Library, as well as whole-school WiFi infrastructure and advanced IT facilities. Students are encouraged to develop good study habits, a love of reading and learning and a commitment towards excellence. They are also trained to think critically, to interact appropriately with peers and teachers through the sharing of ideas and views, and to meet the challenges of a rigorous but rewarding curriculum.

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Subjects Offered at Diocesan Girls' School

(No. of classes at each level)

Secondary 1
Secondary 2
Secondary 3
English Language
Chinese Language
English Literature
Chinese History
Information Technology
Economics and Commerce    
Exploration-based Learning    
Religious Education
Visual Arts
Technology and Living
Physical Education

(No. of classes at each level)

Secondary 4
Secondary 5
Secondary 6
    Secondary 5
Secondary 6
English Language   English Language
Chinese Language   Chinese Language
Mathematics   General Education  
Biology   Mathematics (AL)
Chemistry       Further Mathematics (AL)
Physics   Chemistry (AL)
Business, Accounting and Financial Studies   Physics (AL)
Chinese History   Biology (AL)
Chinese Literature   Economics (AL)
Citizenship and Social Development   Geography (AL)
Economics   History (AL)
Geography   English Literature (AL)
History   Physical Education  
Information and Communication Technology   Religious Education    
Literature in English         Music  
Music (HKDSE)        
Physical Education (HKDSE)        
Aesthetic Development          
Physical Education        
Religious Education        
English Language Enrichment            
Chinese Language Enrichment            
Co-curricular Enrichment