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13 February 2019 -- DGS Welcomes Valentina Vezzali, Olympic Gold Medalist in Fencing


Our School was honoured to have Valentina Vezzali, Italian foil fencer and winner of six gold medals at three consecutive Olympic Games, visit our school for a sharing and training session on the afternoon of 13 February. Ms. Vezzali shared her personal experiences in various international competitions, including her insights on the attitudes and strategies for effective training as an athlete.

After a brief Q&A session, our fencers donned their gear as they were treated to the rare opportunity of fencing with Ms. Venzzali, the three-time Olympic Fencing Champion, and learning from her as she imparted valuable advice and specific exercises to improve the way they fenced. We thank Ms. Venzzali for this very memorable sharing with our girls.

Photo : Valentina Vezzali (1) Photo : Valentina Vezzali (2)
Photo : Valentina Vezzali (3) Photo : Valentina Vezzali (4)