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22-27 January 2018 -- Exchange Programme with Zhixin High School, Guangzhou


From 22nd January to 27th January, sixteen girls from Guangzhou Zhixin High School paired up with girls from our Secondary Four classes for an exchange visit. This marks the second year of our enriching immersion programme. Every participant is grateful for this memorable opportunity because the exchange has broadened our horizons and created new friendships.

Upon the arrival of our new friends from Guangzhou, we formed a buddy system and soon after, they went on a school tour guided by our schoolmates. For the remaining days of the exchange programme, our buddies immersed themselves into our daily school life where we had lessons and after school activities together. Teachers from our school had thoughtfully arranged Technology and Living, as well as Aesthetic Development classes for the Guangzhou students to participate in. Through communicating with our buddies, we shared different cultural aspects between Guangzhou and Hong Kong. We learnt how to appreciate local cultures, and we found this experience very fruitful and unique.

Photo :  Exchange with Zhixin High School (1) Photo :  Exchange with Zhixin High School (2)

As quickly as it first started, the week went by in a blink of an eye, and we were extremely reluctant to bid farewell to our buddies from Guangzhou. It was without a doubt an eye-opening experience for each and every one of us. We are so blessed that we have been given the invaluable chance to be the participants of this rewarding exchange programme. On behalf of the sixteen students who participated in this exchange programme, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to our Headmistress, Mrs. Lau, for her unfailing support and guidance throughout the exchange programme. Heartfelt thanks must also be given to Miss C. Wong and Mrs. S.Y. To, for mentoring us during this exchange. We have definitely benefited a lot, cultivated friendships and shaped unforgettable memories during the six days. We look forward to visiting Guangzhou Zhixin High School in April. I sincerely hope that both schools will continue to host this enlightening exchange programme in the coming years, and that friendships from our sister schools can be perpetuated and the bonds strengthened as years go by.

 Written by Chloe Chan 4U (3)