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February – March 2021 -- Blockchain Enrichment Course: Phase I

Blockchain Enrichment Course: Phase I (February – March 2021)

The DGS Blockchain Club was established in February 2021 to equip our girls for the digital era. In its first activity, girls were invited to join DGS’s first ever Blockchain Training Course, which especially targeted those who did not have a STEM background before. In the end, over 100 girls from S1-S5 year groups signed up for the course.

In partnership with trainers from the Hong Kong Blockchain Society, Phase I of the course involved a series of 6 weekly two-hour training sessions in February and March, with girls being introduced to the basic concepts behind blockchain. They took part in discussions on the applications of blockchain in various fields, which culminated in a final group project and pitch on how their blockchain ideas could be used to enhance different facets of daily life ranging from medicine to commerce, human resource management and education. Not only did students gain valuable understanding of this new technological development, they were also able to enhance their research skills and gain a better appreciation of their world through self-directed learning.

Around half the attendees were shortlisted to move on to Phase II of the blockchain course. Through such enrichment courses, girls are able to learn beyond the curriculum and become better equipped to face the ever-changing landscape of the digital era. 


 Photo : Blockchain Enrichment Course 2020-21 (1)

 Photo : Blockchain Enrichment Course 2020-21 (2)Photo : Blockchain Enrichment Course 2020-21 (3)