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19 December 2018 -- Mini Bazaar


The School's annual Mini Bazaar, held on 19 December, was a joyous occasion where senior and junior school students, parents, teachers, and alumnae came together to celebrate this long-standing tradition. Our Assistant Principal, Mrs. P. Hui, was the Guest of Honour, as the community thanked her on the eve of her retirement for her over four decades of service to the School.

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Upper-form students set up sales stalls with a spectacular array of products, many of which were designed with the theme of the Greater Bay Area, while our younger girls came together in their classes to set up creative and fun game stalls, ranging from mystery-solving games to obstacle races. The School also welcomed various charities and other organizations, including New Sight Congo, Fu Hong Society, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Patient Resource Centre, Lutheran Social Service, and St. Andrew’s Church, as they set up booths selling products and snacks and introduced their services to the wider community.

Young and old alike enjoyed the Bazaar, and proceeds from all stalls go to various charitable organizations as we share the Christmas spirit of giving and joy. We thank God for His blessings upon the months of planning and smooth running of the Bazaar, and the opportunity to give to those in need out of His abundant provision.

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