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Public Speaking and Drama (2023-2024)


  • Singapore Chinese Model United Nations 2024 conference, organised by Singapore Chinese Girls’ School
    Outstanding Delegates of the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN): Yeung Chiara Pui Kay and Sze Yuet Hei Gisela
    Honourable Mention at the Ministry of National Development council: Xu Jiayan
  • Hong Kong Model United Nations 2024 conference
    Most Improved Delegate of the Human Rights Council: Yip Hazel Sheung Yee
    Best Delegate of the Disarmament and International Security Committee: Wong San Yi Teresa
    Best Speakers of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation: Wan Shun Yan Joy and Sze Yuet Hei Gisela
    Best Delegate of the Legislative Council: Zhao Zhuo Felicity
  • Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition 2023-2024 Term 1 Finals HKI & KLN Middle Enhanced Format
    Champion: Yee Ting Hayley Yuen, Tung Toby Yiu, Pui Wing Lam, Anissa Sim
    Best Speaker: Yee Ting Hayley Yuen

  • Diocesan Boys’ School Model United Nations (DBSMUN) 2023 Conference organised by Diocesan Boys’ School
    Most Outstanding Delegate of the United States Senate – Yeung Chiara Pui Kay

    Most Outstanding Delegate of the Security Council – Yuen Yee Ting Hayley, Fung Hei Loy
    Most Improved Delegate of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation – Cheung Wan Chi, Chan Ka Lam
    Best Delegate of the Economic and Social Council – Cheng Sum Kiu Anson, Tsui Hoi Hei Hillary

  • 「第五十五屆聯校中文辯論比賽」 -- 聯校中文辯論學會

    白凱允, 陳衍尹,陳琛欣,張彤昕,林感恩, 鍾郗芠, 吳桐, 余尚澄, 潘韻思, 蔣帛延, 王皓霖, 丘柔, 李晞桐, 賴穎恩, 曾博晞


  • CISWDC Invitational organized by the Chinese international school
    Grand Finalist: Cheung Wan Chi, To Hoi Yau Jeanette, Cheng Sum Kiu Anson, Yong Shannon Yuen Shan, Chau Cheuk Ying Julie, Chong Tsz Yan Karissa 

  • World Individual Debate and Public Speaking Championships organized by HK Debate & Speech Community
    7th overall: Tam Yeuk Hey Hilary 

  • Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition HKSSDC organized by HK Debate & Speech Community
    Best debater: Anissa Sim

  • 39th Singtao Inter-School Debating Competition (English Section)
    Best debater in the 1st preliminary: Hilary Tam

    Best debater and best interrogative debater in the 2nd preliminary: Hilary Tam


Public Speaking and Drama (2022-2023)