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17-19 January 2017 -- Exchange with Heep Yunn School


After several of our girls visited Heep Yunn School (HYS) the previous week, our school reciprocated the exchange by hosting 16 students from HYS for a three-day exchange programme. As the second year of our local schools partnership with HYS, the programme has been well-received by girls from both schools alike.

Our HYS friends were paired with S4 buddies, participating in classes, extra-curricular activities, and various other aspects of school life. At the end of the exchange, Angie Leung from HYS addressed the school community during morning assembly, graciously sharing her insights on the differences yet also the striking similarities in school culture and learning experiences. We look forward to further fruitful exchanges in future years to come!  

Photo : Exchange with Heep Yunn School (1) Photo : Exchange with Heep Yunn School (2)