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April 2019 -- Exchange with Zhenjiang Chongshi Girls’ High School


Photo - Exchange with Zhenjiang Chongshi Girls’ High School (1)

As part of the mainland exchange programmes organised by the school for secondary four students, 27 students accompanied by 3 teachers visited Zhenjiang Chongshi Girls' High School from 8th to 13th April, 2019. We attended classes at the school and toured renowned landmarks in Nanjing and Zhenjiang. It was a fruitful experience for all students.

During the exchange, we shadowed our buddies to respective classes and experienced an authentic Zhenjiang school curriculum. The teachers were lucid in conveying the course material, and students of both schools were thoroughly engaged in the lectures. Even though some topics were slightly more challenging than the ones currently covered at school, the comprehensive explanations of the teachers made it possible for us to understand. We found the mathematics lessons particularly intriguing. Examples were repeatedly used to consolidate our knowledge of mathematical identities. The Chinese lessons were conducted in a unique manner as well. Specific words in Chinese poetry pieces were selected and elaborated on through quoting applications of the same word in other pieces. The variation in teaching techniques and the change in medium of instruction transformed mundane topics into engrossing lessons.

Not only were we able to learn much from the course curriculum, the learning atmosphere of the students in Chongshi Girls' High School was an invaluable lesson in itself. The local students were most enthusiastic in the academic discussions and participated actively in lessons. In addition, they have a strict and well-organised schedule weekly, with sessions for self-study and rest in between classes. The earnest attitude and self-discipline exhibited by Chongshi girls motivated us in our learning.

Aside from academic pursuits, students of Chongshi Girls' High School are exposed to a large variety of extracurricular activities. On the second to last day of the exchange, we were excited to join their art courses. They include Chinese calligraphy, pottery (泥叫叫), harmonica, ocarina, tea brewing, and Hanfu (漢服). We were able to learn techniques such as writing in Chinese pictographs, serving tea in the traditional Chinese manner, and playing Chinese songs with the harmonica. These courses gave us eye-opening insights into Chinese traditions and customs which are not typical in Hong Kong.

Photo - Exchange with Zhenjiang Chongshi Girls’ High School (2) Photo - Exchange with Zhenjiang Chongshi Girls’ High School (3)

We also visited some well-known sites near the school, such as the Xijin Ferry. Zhenjiang was a considerably busy city in the past. Features such as the British consulate and picturesque alleys could be found at Xijin Ferry. We spent an enjoyable afternoon at the site traversing the cobblestone-paved streets of Chinese architecture.

Since Nanjing is close to Zhenjiang, we travelled to the city for a day during the programme. We visited landmarks such as the Memorial of the Nanjing Massacre, the Presidential Palace of Nanjing, and Wuyi Alley. We learnt more about the history of Nanjing from the Jin Dynasty to the Republic of China. The visits also gave emphasis to the historical significance of Nanjing as the capital of multiple former dynasties and republican governments. It reinforced our awareness of historical events in the 19th to 20th century and encouraged us to learn more about our country not merely by studying textbooks, but also by travelling.

Near the end of the exchange programme, a farewell ceremony was hosted at Zhenjiang Chongshi Girls’ School to signify the end of the immersion experience and the beginning of many friendships fostered during the six days. It was with a reluctant smile that students bade each other goodbyes and exchanged embraces in the red sports field of the school campus.

On the whole, the immersion programme at Zhenjiang was an indelible and rewarding experience in our secondary school life for all participants to cherish. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Zhenjiang Chongshi Girls’ High School for their warm hospitality and assistance throughout the trip. We would also like to extend our appreciation to Miss C.M. Yip, Miss C. Lau, and Mr A. Chu for guiding us in the trip. Last but not least, special thanks should be given to Mrs. Lau for providing us this memorable opportunity. we sincerely hope that the exchange programme between Diocesan Girls’ School and Chongshi Girls’ High School would continue in future years.

Reported by: Hannah Ng




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