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April 2018 -- Exchange with the Affiliated High School of Peking University


On the morning of 9 April 2018, 30 S4 DGS girls gathered at Hong Kong International Airport, prepared and ready to go on a journey to Beijing, China.

Photo - Exchange with the Affiliated High School of Peking University (1)

Upon arriving at Beijing Capital International Airport, we were amazed as there were famed traditional Chinese paintings hanging horizontally on the walls, each spanning about 6 meters. Two of the pieces were entitled Qing Ming Shang He Tu composed by Song Dynasty artist Zhang Zeduan, and Chang Cheng Wan Li Tu painted by Erfu Zhou.

We arrived at The Affiliated High School of Peking University in no time. The school staff were very amiable and made us feel more than welcomed. A couple of teachers then showed us around their multiple campuses. We saw that many facilities were built there, each catering for the individual needs of students and allowing them to various interests and talents.

We were then led to our dormitories, which were hygienic, comfortable and spacious. With the lovely environment there, we were sure we would feel just like at home during our stay. Afterwards we met up with our buddies, enjoyed a modest buffet dinner at the top floor of their cafeteria, and retired for the evening.

On the following days, I followed my buddy to attend lessons. I realized that the students at Affiliated High School of Peking University have a broad curriculum and a packed schedule. They have to study and switch modules every semester for Chinese, be tested on four readers and literature pieces a year for English, and take compulsory politics lessons in preparation for the National Higher Education Entrance Examination. This unknowingly shapes them into studious workers from morn till night, almost unable to let go of their books until it's time for bed. However, the healthy and positive learning atmosphere in the classrooms, which results from the packed classroom setting and grouped seating, assured us that they were studying with joy, while helping each other along the way. Moreover, the mode of instruction for all subjects in AHSPU is Chinese, whereas in DGS all non-Chinese related subject classes are conducted in English. The differences in values and cultures of the two schools became quite interesting to compare and explore as we knew more about the running of their school.

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School life aside, we also visited Peking University and Lenovo's Headquarters. We attended a college admission talk at the University, and a few students there gave us a tour around the massive campus. We were impressed by the different learning opportunities, faculties and facilities in Peking University compared to the universities in Hong Kong. The main lake there even looked gorgeous with the glossy surface reflecting the willows there. We were also made to understand that the lake would become a giant ice-skating rink during winter time! At Lenovo's Headquarters, we toured around the center and were introduced to their latest models of tablets and laptops. After trying some of them out, we were astounded by China's level of advancement in technology within just a few decades.

Other than gaining a deep understanding of Chinese companies’ efforts to globalise, we were also given opportunities to enhance our cultural exposure, which was very much like travelling backwards in time. Together with my friends, I took a class in the traditional instrument Guqin and listened to a talk on Chinese opera Kunqu. These enlightening and remarkable experiences in performing arts created wonderful memories for each of us, which we dearly cherish.

This meaningful exchange programme ended in the blink of an eye. Albeit we didn’t spend long in China’s capital city, all of us agreed that it had been an eye-opening and rewarding week. Thanks must be given to Mrs L. Wong, Mr. K.M. Leung and Ms C. Lau for accompanying and guiding us throughout the trip. I must also extend my gratitude to our headmistress, Mrs. Lau, for her generous support for this programme, and for giving us such a precious opportunity to learn from different cultures and broaden our horizons.

Reported by: Ip Tsz Sum (4X)



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