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22-24 September 2018 -- Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools Council (DSSSC) STEM Fair


Over the weekend, 3 STEM-related ECA groups of our School jointly collaborated to showcase our students' works at the 2018-19 Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools Council STEM Fair held at St Paul's Convent School. Loosely based on the theme Fun with Technology, we wanted to emphasize that technology can be fun as well as beneficial to people through the 3 projects displayed at our booth.

Photo : DSSSC STEM Fair Photo : DSSSC STEM Fair

Groups taking part include the Computer Club, who showcased their Virtual Reality (VR) Game featuring Chinese culture, the DGS Programming Team who demonstrated the practicality and usefulness of their Putonghua Learning app, and the Electronics & Robotics Team who deftly maneuvered robots which took part in the FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship in Houston, USA in April 2018. Over 40 DGS students in total were involved and they all gained a tremendous sense of satisfaction at being able to share their innovative projects with their peers and interested members of the public.