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22 September 2017 -- 66th PTA Annual General Meeting


It was a full house in the Auditorium this evening as parents and teachers gathered for the 66th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the DGS Parent Teacher Association. 

At the start of the evening, audience members were treated to delightful musical performances by students, with the DGS Symphony Orchestra playing two lively dances from the Nutcracker, and the DGJS Intermediate Choir combining angelic singing with graceful dancing and rhythmic percussion for pieces in Mandarin and Greek respectively. 

Photo : PTA AGM (1) Photo : PTA AGM (2)

Among other formal proceedings of the AGM, the night saw reports from the PTA Chairperson, Mrs. Sherlynn Chan Wong, and the Headmistresses of DGS and DGJS, Mrs. Stella Lau and Mrs. Annie Lee, evidencing the positive home-school partnerships developed by different parties to support the growth of our girls. In line with this, parents also had the opportunity on this occasion to meet their girls' teachers for informal discussions on school life and academics, paving the way for success throughout the rest of the school year.

Photo : PTA AGM (3) Photo : PTA AGM (4)