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15 May 2017 -- Drama Night

Students, teachers, parents, and past students gathered together in the Assembly Hall for a breathtaking evening of drama performances – written, directed, and performed wholly by our S5 girls as part of their Aesthetic Development course. This year saw an unprecedented total of six dramas, with three performed in English, and three in Putonghua. Included in the night's show was the award-winning piece by our School's Drama Ensemble - "三人四足". 

With the support of props artists and the audio-visual team, each short play captivated the audience's imagination with their gripping storylines and compelling acting, all adding up to a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The night closed with prize presentations, with Allie Poon of the English piece "Bonne Ãme" clinching the "Best Actress" award for her moving performance, while the musical "Cassandra Pierce" swept up all other awards, including "Best Script", "Best Stage Design", "Best Director", and "Best Production". We congratulate all girls for their wonderful performances in this spectacular Drama Night 2017.

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