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28 October 2015 -- S.W.I.F.T. Round Table Forum Day 1


DGS Headmistress Mrs. Stella Lau welcomed participants and the SWIFT Forum was declared officially open. 


Keynote Speech by Professor Nancy Law, Faculty of Education, HKU (PDF)

  • Self-Directed Learning in Science
  • importance of students, teachers, school heads and in particular networking
  • open lessons for  sharing and pedagogical improvement
  • cluster meetings with collaborative involvement between schools 
  • website :  http://sdls.cite.hku.hk/

Keynote Speech by Prof Nancy Law      Keynote Speech by Prof PC Wong

Keynote Speech by Professor Wong Po Choi, Director of IT, Hang Seng Management College (PDF)

  • advantages of self-directed learning
  • adopting the right attitude to learning (LQ)
  • ways to motivate teacher transition to IT-based learning
  • from e-learning to u-learning
  • aim of learning is to be a blessing to society


In-house Sharing by Diocesan Girls' School

Mobile Learning: from Planning to Implementation (PDF)

  • infrastructure, curriculum, professional support and reflection of 1 student: 1 iPad programme  
  • sharing of practices using  iPads by the English, Physics, Geography and Computer Departments
  • The Fourth Strategy on IT in Education : http://ite4.fwg.hk:8080/ite4/Eng/content/index.html

In-house Sharing by Diocesan Girls' School      In-house Sharing by Nanyang Girls' High School

In-house Sharing by Nanyang Girls' High School

A Day in the Life of a Nanyang Teacher and Student (PDF, video)

  • curriculum based on the principle of 3Es : Exciting, Engaging and Empowering learners.
  • Pedagogical design in the use of iPads as learning tools in lessons
  • Substitution,  Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition (SAMR)
  • sharing of good teaching practices in Physics, Geography, Humanities, Chinese and Chemistry 
  • 4th Master plan of ICT by MOE Singapore : http://www.slideshare.net/janehbasto/singapore-ict-education


Q  & A: methods of showcasing students' work submitted online with parents were broached.

Q&A Session      Q&A Session


Report of Day 2 Programme

Report of Day 3 Programme