DOGA Homecoming Carnival (16th December 2000)

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The day after Speech Day, DOGA invited the School to partake in their Homecoming Carnival, an event organised to celebrate the School's 140th Anniversary.

After the Opening Ceremony at 1:00 p.m. officiated by the Rt. Rev. Thomas Soo, Dr. V. Wong, President of DOGA, Mrs. Josephine Chang, Chairman of the Homecoming Carnival Organising Committee, Mrs. D Ho, our Supervisor and past and present headmistresses, both old and current girls vivaciously started the day's buying and selling, games, performance and classroom demonstrations.

Thanks to the devotion of old girls, our current students learnt from their organisational skills and benefited from the experience. This heart-warming occasion showed DGS ties never weaken after the lapse of graduation, work and marriage.

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