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School Year 2010-2011


(31-August-2011) Welcome back to 1 Jordan Road
Please click HERE to view the welcome letter from the Headmistresses.

(21-April-2010) We are pleased to inform you that at the latest School Redevelopment Project meeting, it has been confirmed that the whole-school redevelopment project at 1, Jordan Road is on schedule and the whole school is targeting at moving back to the new premises this summer to start the 2011-12 school year there in September.

While we are excited about the multiplied space, upgraded facilities and whole-school IT learning environment, we understand that there is a need for all members of our community to acquaint themselves with the new environment and to conduct final touch-ups in various parts of the redeveloped campus. Yet, we are most certain that this can be arranged without much inconvenience during the first few months of the School's operation back at our original site.

At a later date, we look forward to welcoming you to our official opening ceremony, during which we give thanks to all our friends, sponsors and the Heavenly Father for making our dream a reality, and our mission a possible task for all our students and staff.

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