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Mural Painting via the “Hong Kong Move On: NFT X School Mural Art Project” (August 2022)

In August 2022, our school participated in the “Hong Kong Move On: NFT X School Mural Art Project”, co-organized by NetDragon and Cherrypicks. Ten girls from S2 to S5 attended a seminar and learnt the concepts of how blockchain and NFT technologies help to preserve artworks. After that, Miss Blessy Man, an experienced mural artist, visited our school to share her expertise in creating a mural using her signature style of polygons. We chose the theme of “Hong Kong street food”, and our girls spent a few days with Miss Man on the wall outside our Home Management Centre, painting enlarged and polygonised images of an egg tart, a pineapple bun and bubble tea. Adaptations of our mural in the form of NFTs were then showcased to the public.