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  • Faculty & Student Body
  • Curriculum
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    School Management


    School Sponsoring Body (The Council of the Diocesan Girls' School)

    • Bishop Andrew Chan (Chairman)
    • Revd. John L. Menear (Vice-chairman)
    • Mrs. Doris Ho, JP (Supervisor, Chair of Finance and Human Resources Sub-com, Chair of Education Quality Assurance Sub-com)
    • Mrs. Stella Lau, JP (Senior School Headmistress)
    • Mrs. Emily Dai (Junior School Headmistress)
    • Mrs. Josephine Chang (Hon. Treasurer)
    • Mrs. Sheilah Chatjaval
    • Ms Barbara Chan
    • Mr. Nelson Chen
    • Mr. Ronnie Cheng
    • Ms Stephanie Cheung
    • Mrs. Yvette Ho (Chair of Parent Teacher Association)
    • Mrs. Ng Saw Kheng, JP
    • Prof. Arthur Li, GBS, JP
    • Ms Jane Ng (President of DOGA Ltd)
    • Prof. Helen Shen (Chair of Information Technology Sub-com)
    • Mrs. Susanna Wong
    • Mr. Marco Wu, SBS (Chair of Building and Repairs Sub-com)
    • Ms Benita Yu (Chair of Legal Sub-com)
    • Hon. Madam Justice Yuen, JA 


    School Management Committee (SMC) Ltd. 

    • Mrs. Doris Ho, JP (Supervisor)
    • Mrs. Stella Lau, JP (DGS Headmistress)
    • Mrs. Emily Dai (DGJS Headmistress)
    • Ms Jane Ng (DOGA President)
    • Mrs. Yvette Ho (PTA Chair, Parent Representative)
    • Mr. Siu-Keung Lam (Teacher Representative)
    • Mrs. Josephine Chang (Hon. Treasurer) 
    • Mr. Michael Ma 
    • Ms Teresa Tse 
    • Mr. Marco Wu, SBS 
    • Prof. Helen Shen
    • Ms Benita Yu