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18 December 2014 - Mini Bazaar

Before the school took a break for the Christmas holidays, a day was set aside for members of the DGS family to join us in raising funds for charity. Lovingly-designed product stalls and enthusiastically-run games stalls adorned our campus, awaiting the arrival of our guests. At 10:30am, Reverend Menear blessed the event with a prayer, after which he and the Supervisor, Mrs. Doris Ho, joined us in the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

With a ring of the bell, children rushed to complete puzzle games in the classrooms or purchase balloon animals from a Santa stall, while old girls and parents took the opportunity to appreciate the school grounds. Heartfelt gratitude must be expressed to the teachers, staff and students who had poured months of hard work into this annual event, making it a memorable afternoon for all.



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