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Introductory Talk on S1 Application (2018-19) on Saturday 23rd September 2017

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DGS wins 1 Silver 2 Bronze at 2017 China Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (11 - 15 August 2017) 

Over the summer, three girls from DGS represented Hong Kong in the 2017 China Girls' Mathematical Olympiad (CGMO). They were selected to join the team of eight after attending five months of rigorous training by the Hong Kong Academy of Gifted Education and the International Mathematical Olympiad Hong Kong Committee. A Silver medal was awarded to Poon Ho Kiu Allie, 16, and Bronze medals were awarded to Leung Ka Ching, 16, and Ng Sze Mai, 15. 

Photo : 2017-18/China Girls Mathematical Olympiad (1) Photo : 2017-18/China Girls Mathematical Olympiad (2)

Held in Chongqing from August 11 to 15, the girls-only international competition consisted of two challenging problem sets and drew 146 contestants from Singapore, Russia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China. Apart from engaging actively in the competition, the girls also exchanged ideas with and found friends in fellow mathematicians from other teams. We congratulate them for their outstanding achievement.

Technovation Challenge – Global Grand Prize  

After a year of training and hard work, a team of five girls from the DGS Programming Team was selected as one of the 12 world finalists in the Technovation Challenge, a worldwide competition that encourages girls to identify a problem within their community and to address it by creating a mobile app and implementing a business plan.

Photo : Technovation Challenge (1)  

The girls were invited to travel to Google's main campus at Mountain View in Silicon Valley, California, to pitch their app for the Grand Prize award during the week of 7th to 11th August 2017. Finally, their app Dementia Care Companion (DCC), an app which helps dementia patients and their family members, won the Grand Prize in the Junior Division. The girls were awarded gold medals and US $10,000 scholarship. We praise God for the talents and achievements He has bestowed upon our School.

Photo : Technovation Challenge (2) Photo : Technovation Challenge (3) 

Tour to Ecole de Patisserie de Tokio (26 - 30 June 2017)

Photo : Tour to Ecole de Patisserie de Tokio (1)

Together we experienced great success in making delicious bread and cakes through the study tour organised by the Technology & Living department. Sixteen students selected from members in the Food Technology Club and the Hospitality Committee together with the Headmistress and two teachers took lessons at the Ecole de Patisserie de Tokio, a famous culinary school in Tokyo, Japan.  Students were taught by renowned chefs to make bread and cakes, learning basic methods from dough-making to fine decoration processes. Skills employed in professional patisseries were demonstrated by the master chefs with great attention to detail. Furthermore, there were tours around local wet markets, supermarkets, food stores, fabric stores, book stores, department stores and craft shops which enabled us to learn more about food, crafts and fashion as well as Japanese culture. 

Photo : Tour to Ecole de Patisserie de Tokio (2) Photo : Tour to Ecole de Patisserie de Tokio (3)
Photo : Tour to Ecole de Patisserie de Tokio (4) Photo : Tour to Ecole de Patisserie de Tokio (5)


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