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SCMP Student of the Year 2014

Student of the Year – Sportsperson: Winner: Kitty Tam Yik-ching

Student of the Year – Linguist: Winner (English): Nicole Liu Hui-kay, Winner (Cantonese): Elaine Wong

Student of the Year – Scientist & Mathematician: 1st runner-up: Andrea Au Chor-kiu

Student of the Year – Performing Artist: 1st runner-up: Christy Leung Wing-man


Student of the Year




13 February 2015 - Inter-school Athletics Championships (Division I)


With a fair few points' advantage after the heats on the 5th and 10th, our athletes approached the Finals with careful confidence. It was a day of fine weather at the Wanchai Stadium, and the spectator stands were soon teeming with supporters. They cheered on eagerly for the athletes, who responded with perspiration and their best performances throughout the exhilarating competition. But it was not without challenges; despite injuries and other setbacks, our girls displayed great sportsmanship and perseverance until the very last event, breaking record after record, and eventually capturing the Overall Champion for the 9th consecutive year with a well-deserved grand slam. 


I extend my heartfelt thanks to parents, teachers, students and old girls who continued to support the team, making it yet another memorable milestone for the School.



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