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S2 - S5 Application

Please download the Personal Data Form from http://www.dgs.edu.hk/index.php/admissions/s2-s5-application, have it completed and sent to us together with your personal portfolio on or before Tuesday, 31st May 2016. The Entrance Examination will be conducted on Saturday, 11th June 2016.



SCMP/HKJC Student Of The Year Awards 2015 organized by South China Morning Post and the Hong Kong Jockey Club

4 of our students winning 6 awards including the Student of the Year 2015 Grand Prize:

  • Cheng Wai Chung -- Grand Prize: Winner, Scientist & Mathematician: 2nd Runner-up
  • Liang Hui Lin Kelly -- Linguist (PTH): 2nd Runner-up, Grand Prize: Merit Prize
  • Liu Elise Chi Man -- Performing Artist: Winner
  • Chiu Lok Yan Joyce -- Linguist (Cantonese): Merit Prize

Photo - SCMP Students of the Year (1) Photo - SCMP Students of the Year (2)
     Past and present Students of the Year from DGS


17th January 2016 - A "Beautiful Sunday" at Shenzhen Concert Hall

On Sunday, 17 January 2016, a team of over 200 DGS musicians travelled to Shenzhen Concert Hall and performed at the "Beautiful Sunday" matinee concert, where girls of the Intermediate and Junior Choirs, Concert Band, and String and Symphony Orchestras performed to a full house, conducted and coached by Miss Grace Chiang, Miss Dorothy Hui, Miss Cindy Chen and Mr. Leung Kin Fung respectively. The concert was received with much enthusiasm, marking the School's second appearance at the venue.

Photo - Shenzhen Music Trip (1)

Photo - Shenzhen Music Trip (2) Photo - Shenzhen Music Trip (3) Photo - Shenzhen Music Trip (4)



19th, 23rd and 26th February 2016 – Interschool Athletics Competition

After three days of intense competition, the School managed to home the Overall Champion for girls in Division One. With a total score of 489 marks, this is the tenth year the School has been blessed with the prestigious title. While congratulating our athletes on their tireless hardwork, this honour must be shared with all the students and parents who flooded Wanchai Sports Ground with their cheers, and the coaches and teachers who tirelessly supported the team on their road to victory.

Photo - Inter-School Athletics (1) Photo - Inter-School Athletics (2) 

Photo - Inter-School Athletics (3) Photo - Inter-School Athletics (4)


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